Thursday, June 15, 2017

When Do You Stop Changing Your Bowling Game?

"When we are through changing, we are through." -Bruce Barton-
My close bowling friends and I are continuously looking for ways to improve our bowling. We enjoy the ride we're taking, and we invite everyone to come join us. Along this journey, people are constantly climbing on and jumping off. Some get tired of all the changes and some just get satisfied with the level they attain. Whatever their reasons, I'm certain they learned something while they rode with us. Also, I'd venture to say that their games have improved to some degree.

Everyone knows and understands that the sport of bowling is in constant flow. The equipment is continuously being improved and new technologies are being introduced, literally, on a daily basis. Much the same as our lives, change is always happening and we need to roll with those changes.

What's the result if we remain static? Well, honestly, "...we're through." We all have dreams and I'm not sure what my friend's dreams are. But, whatever our personal reasons, I'd say the common theme would be, "To feel good about our bowing."

This doesn't necessarily mean to score better; but rather, to know that everything felt good "all the time." Over the past several years, we've felt good here-and-there, but never have we been able to say, "My form feels good all the time."

Does that mean that if we get to that point, the dream will stop and we'll give up changing? I don't think so. I think we are of the same ilk and we believe that our dreams about our bowling will be ever-evolving and ever-shifting.

Does that mean we'll never be satisfied with our game? I think so. I think we are of the same ilk that we believe there will always be something to learn and improve upon as we continue to bowl.

The equipment - bowling balls, lanes, and conditioners are going to keep changing and improving. Why should we be satisfied with staying within a certain sandbox all the time? There's still so much to learn about this fascinating game of bowling.

The moment we set our sights on mastering a technique, we discover another, more skillful way to do things. The challenges to us will be to keep studying so that we uncover that one finer point beyond where we're at.

I don't believe it's in any of our nature's to be satisfied with a "static" bowling game. From our standpoint, that would be a "boring" way to bowl.

What's the rewards? Our nights of bowling are never dull.

The lanes might be tough, but, we always have that "one more thing to try." We might hit on the best way to play the lanes that night or we might not; however, it's not for the lack of trying. If we didn't find the shot, we went down fighting.

Our averages may not be improving as quickly as we want them to; however, when we look back on our journey, we have to admit that there has been marked improvement.

A JOURNEY - I feel that's what my friends and I are on. A bowling journey to keep bettering our methods and keep improving our styles.

When we, in the future, are forced to give up our changing, we'll be able to say. "We may be through, but it wasn't for lack of trying something new."

The journey's been great and it's still continuing. Don't stay in the same place. Learn, discover, try something new.