Sunday, November 11, 2012

Even In Bowling, Taking Action Yields Results

I saw a video recently of Tony Robbins, who's gained great success at being a life coach to many people around the world.

The subject of the video centered on a discussion about why people aren't able to achieve success.

While he and a couple of other successful people talked mainly about financial and life solutions, I felt it also had a lot to do with better bowling success in general, and improving a person's game in particular.

Mr. Robbins drew an illustration with four squares. In the upper left block he wrote the word, "Potential," in the upper right square, "Action," the lower right, "Results," and the lower left box, "Belief."

Arrows connected the blocks as they pointed to the right, from the "Potential" to "Action," downward, from "Action" to "Results," leftward, from "Results" to "Belief" and, finally, upward from "Belief" to "Potential."

There's potential for everything in the world but many people can't see them because they have no belief.

When they do sense there's potential (because some belief trickles into their mind) their belief isn't strong enough for them to take action.

By not taking action, they can't get results which then can't bolster their beliefs.

Subsequently, most people sit at their own level and don't attain success in their lives.

They never move forward to realize success that would bolster their beliefs and make their lives better.

And what is the biggest factor that prevents people from taking action? Well, that's "Fear of failure;" and yet, it's ironic that "Fear of failure" is the primary reason that people fail.

Many successful people already have their beliefs ("Confidence") firmly in place.

Therefore, they always see the potential and are always taking action, getting good results, and continuing to bolster their belief.

Successful people tend to appear to move between "Action" and "Results" because their "Beliefs" are so strong.

"Potentials" never seem to appear since they're acting on them before they have a chance to materialize.

There are varying degrees of success, however, and regardless of their past achievements, moderately successful people can and will block themselves from taking action because of some perceived "fear of failure."

Have you ever heard the phrase, "It's all relative?" In other words, there can be a 130-average or 210-average bowler who won't be able to advance beyond that point because of their limiting beliefs.

So, there's always a point at which a large percentage of bowlers can't, or won't, get any better because of that "fear of failure."

My "Choc-Talk" is merely a summary of that of that illustration: "For whatever level you're at in your bowling, realize the POTENTIAL for where you can be, take ACTION, get the better RESULTS, and build your BELIEF that you can (and will) be a better bowler.

At some point, you'll be moving between 'Action' and 'Results' automatically."

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