Monday, July 7, 2014

What Is The Measure Of A Bowler?

"What is the measure? " Larry asked.

"At what point will a person have confidence enough in what they've learned to just 'go for it' or do they have the confidence already but haven't realized it as yet"?

"Do they wait until their game to be as solid on the basics as they see with the PBA pros or do they take what they've developed and just "take the plunge?"

"What is the measure?" he asked again.

Larry and I watch a lot of videos and read a lot of articles about how to bowl better and advance our bowling games. (This includes any ones we can find from all over the world, not only USA stuff.)

Something that really stands out to us is how many really good bowlers there are in the World who do exactly what the basic fundamentals tell them to do.

They've done very well for themselves; yet, have not reached the "Bestest-of-the-Bestest" levels of our sport.

They certainly have the fundamentals and talent to get there, in our estimation, but why haven't they?

This means that conquering the basics is only half the battle any bowler faces.

With games comparable to the touring pros, you would think they should have been multiple winners somewhere in the world stage, but, they haven't.

There is no doubt they have victories at the city, county, state, regional, country levels.

For them, What will it take? How far will they have to go? Do they have enough time to realize their goals? 

Their goals and objectives seem so far away, but actually may be closer than they think.

Right now we're judging our ability on how well we perform the basics according to an understanding of the physics of the game.

But, based on what we've seen and observed, the mental game must be the determining factor on whether or not a person succeeds at the next higher level they move to (providing, of course, that they DO want to.)
This gets me back to the great talents that, for one reason or another, have not been able to successfully compete at the "Elite" levels of our sport.

What great games they have and what great things they've done up to a certain point; but, what's stopped them from moving higher to the next levels?

Could be mental. Could be physical. Could be personal. Could be family. Could be that they're happy with where they are.

It's not for any of us to judge. Who are we to question why they haven't moved to the next level?

None of us can really know what is best for another bowler. We haven't walked in their shoes to experience what they've experienced in their pasts.

We've known many local bowlers that could have gone out on the PBA tour or on the World Bowling Stage and really been a factor, but, they took a closer look and realized that the lifestyle as a Pro or Elite bowler was not for them.

We do not talk about any of these guys lightly because they have proven themselves.

They don't get the publicity like others may; however, their accolades and championships will speak for themselves among the local bowling community if and when those feats are mentioned.

Our discussions and the questions we asked are not from an elite bowlers viewpoint; however, those questions can be asked regardless of what level you're at.

Anytime you want to take a step to move to the next higher level - entering a league for the first time, joining a scratch (no handicap) league, or entering into tournaments - you're going to ask yourself similar questions.

You must decide what you really want to do.

We, each of us, decide what the "measure" really is.

Ultimately, it is within each of us to decide what, where, or how far we want to take our game of bowling.

"What is the measure, Larry?" Well, I don't think it's not for us to judge.

It's up to each individual to decide the answer to that question, because, as you always say, "The proof is in the pudding."

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