Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bowling Ball Pitch

Let's talk about, "PITCH,” which refers to the angle each of your holes are drilled into a bowling ball.

A bowling ball is a sphere so it has a "geometric center," (the exact middle point of your ball).

By recognizing that there is this GC, you now have the reference point from which the angle, or "pitch," of your holes are calculated.

As each of us are uniquely different, so each of us has unique hand characteristics.
Any ball driller will know this and can make several considerations in order to give you a comfortable feel and release.

Some of these are, (but not limited to): injuries, ailments, size of your fingers/hands, how much strength you have, and how flexible you are.

Some of these are easily seen while others are virtually undetectable.

The person fitting you for your ball should be asking you about your hand as he or she tries to figure out what the best fit would be for you.

Here's the "Choc-List" for bowling ball PITCH:

1) Zero Pitch - the hole is drilled directly toward the GC of the ball.

2) Reverse Pitch (often referred to as "Away") - the hole is drilled below the GC or "away from the palm." As your hand sits in the bowling ball, your thumb and/or fingers feel as if they are in more of an open position. This pitch tends to give a person an early release so it's more suited to bowlers with wider spans and stronger hands.

3) Forward Pitch (often referred to as "Under") - the hole is drilled above the GC or "under the palm" As your hand sits in the bowling ball, your thumb and fingers feel as if they are gripping the ball more securely without much effort on your part. As you may have already guessed, this is for shorter spans and not so strong hands.

4) Right & Left "Lateral" Pitch - as you look down on where your holes are drilled, this is the direction right or left from the GC of the ball.

You shouldn't have to be bowling with a ball that hurts your hand.

With so many combinations available to him or her, a sharp pro shop professional can, and should be able to, drill a ball that will be both comfortable and practical for you to throw.
If you have any pain in your fingers or thumb, a simple way to remember what the proper PITCH may be for you is: "Pitch the hole in the direction of the hurt."

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