Monday, March 11, 2013

Simple Bowling Tips

I find that a lot of bowlers have a tendency to “over-think their game.”

They analyze every shot, wondering why they didn't execute the previous shot correctly.

Their minds are muddled up with things that have no business being there when they're bowling.

Here's a few simple tips to help you keep focused on your game instead of trying to think of every thing you have to do when throwing your ball down the lane.

  1. Develop a “Pre-Shot Routine” (PSR) and do the same thing every time you get ready to throw your ball. You may have to document everything until you can do them without thinking.
  2. Wipe your Reactive Resin bowling ball so that you “present a clean surface to the lane on every shot.” Your ball should react to the oil on the lane, not what's on the surface of your ball.
  3. Get mentally prepared before stepping on the approach.
  4. Minimize physical tension (arms and legs) because relaxed muscles are the key to success in delivering your ball downthe lane.
  5. Hold your finishing position (“Post” or “Posting”) until your ball hits the pins. This helps you maintain proper balance and develop better target accuracy when rolling your ball down the lane.

Achieving the best Timing, Rhythm, and Temp possible is key to bowling and scoring good.

These five points should help you get you into and proper mental and physical condition for doing just that.

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