Thursday, February 21, 2013

Are You Ready For Your Bowling Goals?

"The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot." - Michael Althsuler-

I know that if my ball's not drilled to fit my hand properly, re-drilling is the best solution for improving my bowling,

I also know that if my bowling mindset is not  fitted properly to the tasks at hand, "re-drilling" that mindset is the best solution for improving my game.

I spend a lot of  time trying to convince students that they’re better than they think they are.

If it gets to the point that we can’t overcome their thinking, I tell them honestly that we're wasting our time unless they're willing to "re-drill their mindset."

There are too many people out there who like to argue for their limitations and it’s not worth anyone's time trying to convince them otherwise.

A person has to be "ready, willing, and able" to change in order for "real change" to occur.

Before deciding that they want to become a better bowler and raise their average to a higher level, they must determine if they really want that dream.

People so often don’t think beyond the ideal of a “200 average” and don’t fully realize what it will take to get there.

Also, once they get there, what then?

I believe that everyone should write down their goals and lay out a plan for how they’re going to improve their bowling.

A person doesn’t have to show it to anyone but it’s important they be written for them to review frequently.

Here’s my “Choc-List” for getting into the proper mindset and getting your goals into focus:

1) What is your “Why” level - Why are you willing to make the necessary sacrifices in order to achieve that goal?  Why will you work on that goal even if you’re not feeling well? Why do you want that goal more than anything else in the world?

2) What is your “Knowledge” level? - How much do you know about bowling? Have you read books, watched tapes, or listened to audio about bowling? Have you talked to “experts” about bowling? What are you going to do to gain that knowledge? Will you be open-minded enough to capture that knowledge?

3) What is your “Self-Confidence” level?” -  Will you be able to brush aside the negative-speak? Can you keep yourself moving in a positive direction at all times? How are you going to keep up your self-confidence?

4) What is your “Willpower” level? - What do your determination and self-discipline attitudes look like? Remember the old phrase, “Intestinal fortitude?” Courage, perseverance, and inner drive. Will you give up before you reach your goal? Can you continue to move forward even if “everyone else” has given up on you?

Document your answers carefully and be honest in your responses. They’re the key to determining whether or not you actually want to pursue that goal of bowling better.

Remember, too, that at every level of success, there are unspoken “rules of behavior” that other people will place on you.

Realistic or not, those expectations are there in every aspect of our lives.

Do you really want to have to put up with the responsibilities expected of people “with that kind of average?”

Are you prepared for the scrutiny you will receive because you're a 210+ average bowler?

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