Thursday, February 21, 2013

Your Bowling Self-Esteem

A popular definition of "self-esteem" is, "Self-respect: confidence in your own merit as an individual."

Everything I say or do affects my self-esteem.

My highest objective, therefore, should be to keep my self-esteem as high and as positive as possible at all times.

My self-esteem is the most important aspects of my bowling game.

If I really think about it, my performance is absolutely dependent on how confident I am when I make my shots.

If I have a high degree of self-esteem, I think more positively, I have more confidence in my ability to score high, and I have more enthusiasm about the game I'm bowling.

Having high self-esteem means I'll feel good about myself and will value myself as a wonderful and terrific person.

People with high self-esteem tend to feel great about themselves and their lives, in general.

They also tend to be the best person that they can possibly be.

Their energy and enthusiasm level is very high and they can achieve their goals much easier than someone who has low esteem.

My positive self-esteem will protect me even if myr bowling scores are lower than I expect them to be.

My spirits are kept high because I'm resilient and can deal with the ups and downs of the sport.

I can draw on my positive-thinking to foster my inner peace and contentment.

Bowling seems to be more of an individual sport; in reality, however, the enjoyment of it depends heavily on my relationships with others.

It's commonly referred to as a "social sport," and/or a "recreational sport."

The more we can like nyself, the more I'll enjoy the other people I'm bowling with.

I have to get along well with others to perform well.

If I'm to keep myself at my best levels of performance and feel good about myself at all times, how do I cultivate, foster, and grow my self-esteem?

Very simply, I need to take responsibility for the content or my mental state and the quality of my thinking.

Building that level of self-esteem takes dedication and a constant awareness of how I'm thinking rather than how I'n performing.

My mind controls my actions.

The "Self-Esteem Choc-List" is as follows:

1) Having clearly written goals and action plans. Be realistic and set challenging yet, attainable (and measurable) goals and define the actions with which I'll achieve those goals. As I move step-by-step upward toward my goals, my self-esteem will be kept moving forward positively because I'll feel good about achieving each step. When I reach each goal, I'll set another higher, yet attainable, goal with the subsequent action plan.

2) Commit to definite standards and values. I've got have a clear belief system towards my goals and action plans in my mind. My self-esteem is heavily reliant on me not compromising my beliefs. Self-discipline on my part will ensure that my standards won't be compromised by settling for a lesser goal or action step when I've set it at a higher level. In the longer term, I won't feel happy about myself if I set one level and settle for a lower one, therefore, my self-esteem will suffer. In other words, "don't cheat myself."

3) Clearly record my successes. As I reach each action step and goal, be sure to record and remember that bit of success. Accept the recognition given to me by my friends and acquaintances. It's okay to be modest, but, remember that "accomplishments are accomplishments" at whatever level my bowling performance is currently at. As aforementioned, bowling is such that, "... the enjoyment of it depends heavily on my relationships with others," so don't play down too much of the accolades that are given to me.

4) Set up rewards to celebrate your accomplishments. I may receive plaques, trophies, and patches from my governing organizations. Though those symbols do add to my self-esteem, creating tangible rewards for fulfilling my goals will have a deeper and more memorable affect on my attaining them. Set up a system for when I reach both small and large undertakings. Incentives are a great way to build my self-esteem.

Anything I can do to set up this foundation for self-esteem building can only help me improve my bowling.

Once I have my self-esteem on a firm footing, I'll see that I will have a strong mental game and will be an "optimist" rather than a "pessimist."

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