Friday, February 22, 2013

Bowling Self-Talk

I like to think of myself as a positive-thinking person; but, there's been many times where I've talked myself into doing poorly when I've bowled.

What makes us do it? Do we all have the same way of looking at things so-much-so that we like to talk to ourselves more negatively than positively?

That little inner voice is also commonly referred to as, "self-talk."

The encouraging statements are "positive-speak" and the discouraging statements are "negative-speak."

We've all heard them, and more importantly, we've all repeated them to ourselves.

What allows the "negative-speak" to come through louder than the "positive-speak?"

It's probably not enough practice in "positive-speak" and positive affirmations.

I remember reading that each person is bombarded with "negative-speak" at least 80% - 90% of the time.

The figure is even higher depending on the person's profession - for example, a person who works in the merchandise return department of a retail store.

With that kind of daily grind, it can be difficult to keep yourself focused on "positive-speak;" but, if we start practicing and get into the habit of positive affirmations, we can certainly beat down the "negative-speak" to a point where it won't bother us.

To that end, then, let's begin to develop and maintain a positive mental attitude and make it a full-time endeavor for us.

You could go down to the book store and buy tapes or CD's about positive thinking and begin listening to them.

That would be a good idea for the short-term.

A better idea for the long-term, however, is for you to make your own tape of positive affirmations. It will be well worth your time.

In these modern times, I would search the internet (you can also purchase books, tapes, or CD's) for positive thinking thoughts and positive affirmations.

Write them down and when you've gotten a list of several hundred, record a tape, CD, mp3 player, or transfer them to an iPod in your own voice so you can listen to yourself over and over again on a regular basis.

You may have to sacrifice listening to your favorite tunes all the time; but, hey, you're trying to improve your bowling game aren't you?

The more time you spend listening to positive affirmations, the sooner you'll see improvement.

Remember what we learned in school?

By writing something down on paper and then reciting them aloud, it'll help us to memorize and remember what it is we're trying to learn.

Then, by listening to the positive affirmations repeatedly, we'll cement them into our brain.

Everyone responds favorably to a person with a positive attitude.

By practicing "positive-speak," you'll be well on your way to building and exuding the air of self-confidence that's needed to be successful.

Before you know it, your bowling average will increase and your confidence will carry you through any pressure-filled situation such as having to strike out in the 10th to win a championship.

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