Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Working On Your Bowling Problems with Larry

My buddy, Larry, hits the nail on the head again. He certainly puts things in perspective when he emails me. Here's his latest recommendation ---


First, picture me hitting my forehead with the palm of my hand like, "I should have had a V8," as I say, “STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!!” (Yes, that's right, 4 times "Stupid!")

For years now, I've identified the fact that the reason I constantly fight my ball "over-hooking" is because of lack of ball speed. I've been talking and talking and talking about my slow ball speed and the problems it causes, right?

So now, picture me scratching my beard lightly as I say, "Hmmmmm, I have a ball speed problem so ... I know, 'LET’S WORK ON THE POWER RELEASE,' 'No wait, let’s change my body position,' 'Ah, what the hell, I read something about walking one foot in front of the other, so let’s work on that,' 'No, wait, wait, wait, let’s just try to throw the ball flatter, that will do it.'"

What a surprise(?) - none of these things helped me to throw the ball faster.

Now, picture me with a really stupid look on my face as I say, “Let’s see, if I have a ball speed problem, wait, don’t tell me …………………………I know, I think I should work on my BALL SPEED?!!!!!”

The reason my brain finally kicked in gear is because of watching a fellow bowler practicing the other day and seeing him turn his hand early, which pulled the ball left (Right-Hander). He was trying to fix the problem by working on getting a higher backswing.

I knew that he had no idea he was turning the ball early so I quickly went over and told him. (That's so he would not continue to look in the wrong area for the solution). What a concept - SOLVE THE PROBLEM BY WORKING ON THE PROBLEM.

Therefore, just like this fellow bowler, you have to work on the problem in the right way.

To get more ball speed you can change the height of your swing, but this also requires changing your timing.

You can accelerate your armswing, but that can cause early pull and you can only do so much with just your arm.

But, there is one thing that you can do to not only can create more ball speed, but it'll loosen up your armswing at the same time - that's by creating more momentum to the line with your feet.

When I watch videos of myself I say, “Wow, I look like I'm walking through mud." Can anybody say, “HINT,” please?

Well, I have finally taken the hint and "speeded up my feet" and lo and behold, I've stopped the ball from over hooking without having to try to throw a flat release.

Now, picture me thanking myself for FINALLY getting it. "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Larry!" (Yes, that's right, 4 times "Thank You.")




(Thanks, Larry, for your insight as always .... Choc)

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